PHONE:  +64 27 440 3405

Urban Designer

Landscape Architect

Expertise in Public Space and Private Place Design

Servicing:  Poneke Wellington | Aotearoa New Zealand | Sydney | Australia

Robin Simpson Design offers extensive expertise in urban design and landscape architecture.

My focus is to create modern, enriching public and private spaces that provide sustainable use of natural resources and water management.

I offer a wide experience of high profile sites and am now focusing on selected smaller projects making meaningful contributions through climate-positive design for wellbeing.

Key Areas of Expertise

Local and Central Government

I advise and consult with Local Councils or Government organisations, to assist with a large range of design projects. I have 25+ years of expertise, and experience in a wide range of infrastructure, public housing and waterfront space design projects.


  • Design Review Panels & advisory.
  • Urban Design, Landscape Character and Visual Assessment documents.
  • Design of pubic places.
  • Restoring ecological health to degraded environments.
  • Public Art facilitation.
  • Peer reviews.
  • Expert witness in urban design and landscape architecture.

Commercial Developers

I can advise property developers, in the design of development sites such as smaller and medium sized sites, multi-unit housing and mixed use developments. I provide designs, which create vibrant, safe places that promote resilience and ecological health.


  • Developing project-specific urban design plans for subdivisions, and mixed-use developments.
  • Advising on meeting Government and Local Council requirements.
  • Preparing Urban Design, Landscape Character and Visual Assessment Documents.
  • Masterplanning to integrate architecture and blue and green infrastructure.

Home and Property Owners

For private homeowners wanting to maximise the visual appeal, use and design of their personal outdoor space, I provide my smart design services. I can transform smaller spaces through using green walls, containerised planting, and modern outdoor furniture.


  • Providing designs to enrich living in compact urban spaces such as decks, courtyards, and patio areas.
  • Creating garden designs to delight, with particular focus on resilience, biodiversity and nature-based water management.
  • Masterplanning and site planning to integrate architecture and landscape.
  • Preparing ecological restoration strategies for larger properties.